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We have a wealth of experience working as main building contractors on all kinds of projects, big and small, from home maintenance and improvements to extensions, refurbishments and new builds.

Our Team

Meet our Staff

Solar Geysers

A variety of Solar water heaters are usually are in stock to cater for the various needs of our customers from 50 litre to 300 litre geysers, you have an option to choose either a utility backed pressure geyser or a gravity utility backed geyser.

Off-Grid Systems

At Orange we offer true off-grid solar Solutions, these are able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. In this case your home becomes self-sustainable as it produces its own Electricity from the rooftop Solar and stores in batteries and autonomously sustains itself.

Hybrid Systems

Our hybrid power systems are able to combine solar power from a Solar Array with another power generating energy source such as a generator and integrate it with accessories like automatic generator starters so that it is all seamless.

Grid Tied Systems

Orange Solar’s grid-tied Solar systems are semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage systems which links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid. When insufficient electricity is available, electricity drawn from the mains grid can make up the shortfall. Conversely when excess electricity is available, it is sent to the mains grid. At Orange Solar, all these are offered in different sizes from 1kva Systems through to as large as 1okva Systems and even bigger. All these are installed as either rooftops. and or standalone systems